April 21, 2014

whole30/lifestyle changes.

i'm 1 week in to my 2nd whole30 challenge. i did the whole30 last year as well & it was AWESOME. i couldn't believe how good i could feel just from changing my diet (haha insert large "duh!!" here) the first time was definitely a bit harder as i put together recipes & figured out what i could & could not eat. this time around has been much easier. my goal the first time around was to figure out my stomach issues; why i got bloated & gassy after everything i ate, why i felt crappy after eating, if i had an intolerance to something, etc. the truth is i don't necessarily think i'm gluten free or lactose intolerant, i think that my body just didn't like the amount in which i was eating both, though cutting both out makes me feel good all the time, instead of just some of the time. i don't get bloated after meals, i don't like complete shit after eating & that is a really amazing thing. i've figured out what my body likes & that's to eat nutritious, healthy foods with good fats (insert another large "duh!!" here) my goal with this whole30 is to continue eating paleo following it. that was my goal the last time too, but i let the cravings take over & almost immediately went into bad eating habits again/not having willpower when it came to certain things.

my motivation for the whole30 this time, other then to feel good again & get my health back on track (which was the huge, main factor) was also seeing how lean & healthy i could look & did look. i took before and after photos with my first round of whole30 a year ago & looking back on those photos, i could see that i had gone back to the 'before' photo & knowing that i could look like the 'after' in just 30 days is a motivator for sure. after all it's only 30 days...what you choose to do after is up to you. it's not about losing weight for me though...sure i preferred the way i looked in the after photo but that's also because i knew i how i felt in that photo. i felt good...really good...and i wanted to feel like that again.

this time around i am incorporating exercise as i have been running 2-3x a week or more, as often as i can really. i've really, really started to love running. i never thought i would say that. i cancelled my gym membership as it was starting to feel like a chore to go, i didn't like going & working out on the machines there or treadmills, so i started to not go as much & wasn't getting my monies worth. running i like. running is my thing i think. i look forward to going now instead of thinking "ugh, i better go for a run" the weather is getting nicer, it's gorgeous out & even when it's not, i still look forward to it as it clears my head & i've been pushing myself harder & to go further with each run & it really sets up my day to be a good one. living a healthy lifestyle has quickly become important to me. not saying i'll never touch refined sugar again or indulge a little, but i know what my body likes now & considering it's taken me 27 years to figure it out i'd be a goof if i didn't listen to what my body is telling me.

this photo i took earlier today, after my run while i was eating my lunch; ham, an egg & avocado. my abs are coming back you guys!! my stomach is becoming more defined & again...no bloating = the best feeling ever!! "abs are made in the kitchen" truth.

a typical breakfast for me. i try to drink at least 1 of these bottles of water before leaving the house in the morning as sometimes i forget throughout the day. last time i did the whole30 i cut out caffeine as well as an additional challenge...not this time. i've been drinking my coffee with coconut milk as i can't drink it black. and lastly my smoothie, i'll mix this up every morning & try different concoctions. 

running in the rain last week felt amaaaazing. i wish it was just slightly spitting everytime i went for a run, such a good feeling as you never overheat.

if you're new to this whole30 thing or want more information, check out their website here it will tell you everything you want to know and more.

April 13, 2014


now that it's springtime (finaaaally!) i've felt like taking more ootd photos even though i'm entirely bored with most of my wardrobe & want new everything...that's not going to happen so i'm working with what i've got.

tee - F21 (sold as pj's, oops!) similar
jeans - old navy - 'the rockstar' jean...worst name, best jeans
boots - frye - carson chelsea boot
necklace - black&bronze - currently for sale on my instagram

tank - thrifted
pants - skirt (that's the name of the store)
ps: give me ALL of the harem pants. loose pants are my jam this spring!
jean jacket - thrifted
scarf - urban outfitters 
smoking slippers - sam edelman 'alvin'
i recently made this custom necklace for my friend tracy's 30th birthday. i haven't created anything for black&bronze in so long so it felt really good & also inspired me to make a few other pieces. hoping to get back into the swing of things!

tomorrow i embark on round 2 of the whole 30. it's been a year since i last did it & i really need to re-boot my system & get back on track with clean eating. i've also been running again lately seeing as the snow has melted (thank god!) & that's been keeping me sane. i really love running. never thought i would say that but i truly do.

oh & here's a song i've been obsessed with lately:

March 23, 2014

1/ white on white for spring. 
y'know, still keeping it neutral but a fresh look for spring...the spring that does not seem to want to come out here in canada. the birds are chirping but they must be cold because it's still -10. i cannot wait to wear lighter layers!!

2/ these nails.
i just did this while enjoying my sunday morning coffee, but put a nude in the background for a bit more polished look rather than no polish. i'm really diggin' it...might be my go-to for spring! clean&simple but still interesting.

3/ changing up decor.
spring is totally that time of year for me where i crave change...hard. i've already chopped my hair (4x in the past 6 months haha) i want a wardrobe overhaul (slowly but surely) & i want to re-decorate & gut our place. i have my own closet/office room & i really want to switch it up from what it's doing right now. black&white seems to be where my heart is lately when it comes to fashion & decor so black&white it is! 

are you guys getting bored of my black&white collages yet? i can't help it!! maybe spring will inject some colour into my life, but so far, no dice! 

March 5, 2014


last week i cancelled my gym membership & it felt GREAT. 
probably the only time that i've quit something & felt better than not quitting. 

no longer do i feel the extreme guilt when i don't get to go & then see the money coming out of my bank account. no longer do i feel like i should just go after work even though i have zero desire to, simply because i am paying for it. 

they made it super easy to go too. they had emptied my locker (for no reason at all) a week prior to me cancelling, so handed me my things in a garbage bag, including my lock that was cut (when i had been paying for a locker rental all along). they also asked me what my personal fitness goals were going forward, to which i replied "none of your fucking business" ...just kidding. i told them, but the whole time i was wondering why i was telling them, when i was cancelling my membership, not starting one. anyways, they made me feel like i was truly making the right decision, i've always felt the people at good life to be a bit pushy for my liking.

on that note, one of my NY resolutions was to go to the gym, or rather to exercise more often than i had been in the months leading up to 2014. i have a few of jillian michaels DVDs that i have been using & enjoying & can i just say that working out at home rules. you don't have to worry about a) what you look like, b) what you're wearing, c) what time it is & the list goes on. there are so many great workouts you can do at home & even online now. i've been blown away at the exercises i've seen on pinterest that are great & require little to no equipment. i'm also eating cleaner than i was a few months ago & that feels good too. 

i'm not sure why i'm sharing this little tid bit of my life, but there it is folks. maybe because i feel like it's going to be a turning point. gyms are shitty. working out at home feels good. the end.